Protect Your Family Home

A unique protection mechanism is built into every loan agreement, called the ‘All Monies Mortgage Clause’  which puts your family home at risk unless the appropriate safeguards are put in place.

Australia Pacific Mortgages has used its knowledge of lending procedures to develop effective finance structuring strategies to add a layer of protection for your family home and ensure your peace of mind. These strategies include:

Use Different Lenders

The ‘All Monies Mortgage Clause’ empowers lenders, in certain circumstances, to withdraw all loans and seize your home, even your savings.

Even more concerning, they can do so not only when you actually default on your repayments, but when they believe you might default by ‘deeming’ an adverse change in circumstances.

Keeping your home and investment loans separate mitigates your risk by putting a firewall between your home and your investments.

Investor Edge’s sophisticated finance strategies armour plate your most precious assets, including your family home. 

Become a Smaller Target

Property is a capital-intensive investment asset and finance is the life-blood.

Lenders will tempt you by offering bigger discounts for bigger loans – but this draws greater scrutiny, in turn, you become a bigger target in their ‘cross hairs’.

There are, however, a number of borrowing techniques to ensure you have access to the funds you require without losing the discounts, while remaining below lenders’ radars.

The team at Australia Pacific Mortgages is familiar with these techniques and they won’t just put them in place; they’ll explain them so you have the ability to stay almost invisible to lenders well into the future.

The Ultimate Protection

The greatest risk you face as a property investor is not being able to pay your loan repayments on time. This can result from any number of events including loss of employment, incapacitation and other unforeseeable events that interrupt your income – or one which may divert your income to other urgent matters, such as medical crisis for a family member.

Recognising this, Australia Pacific Mortgages builds safeguards into your finance structure which allows for a loss or absence of income for up to a year, sometimes longer if the circumstances demand it.  

At Australia Pacific Mortgages, the settlement of your loan is the beginning of the relationship… not the end!

The settlement of your loan triggers a new and exciting phase in our relationship that includes ongoing:

We’re a long term investment

You are never on your own with Australia Pacific Mortgages, whatever your investment of finance needs. We have a comprehensive panel of reputable, hand picked industry expoerts with demonstrable expertise in just about any field you could imagine you would ever need.