Optimise Tax Effectiveness

Property investment provides access to a plethora of tax benefits, yet few investors actually take full advantage of them. This often occurs due to a lack of direction from their advisor, poor finance structuring and inefficient ‘money flow’ strategies.

Getting the right advice and support ensures distinct tax advantages over the uninformed. The following steps are a must for any serious investor:

Seek Expert Guidance

Property investment is a specialised field and many accountants lack the experience and expertise to offer the advice required to claim your full range of tax entitlements.

You should seek guidance from a specialist who can examine every available benefit. They need to be well versed in such areas as depreciation; the six-year capital gains tax exemption rule; ‘payday tax refunds’; the stamp duty exemption rule, DIY superannuation and much more.

Structure your finance to Optimise Deductibility

Well-structured finance is crucial to optimising your tax position. Poorly structured finance can lead to the inadvertent erosion of deductible debt; the corruption of deductible debt; failure to claim your full interest entitlement and the misuse of cash – to mention but a few.

By combining the right products and adopting  effective money flow strategies, you can establish a finance structure that maximises your benefits in a fully compliant manner. This means you’ll enjoy improved returns, better cash flow and a better lifestyle.

Australia Pacific Mortgages can assess if your finance structure is delivering the results it should be and help you implement any changes that may be required. 

Adopt Good Money Flow Strategies

On the settlement of their new loan, property investors are too often left to work out how to best apply their funds.

Without the right guidance, valuable tax deductions can be missed tax deductions, at worst, the distinction between non-deductible and deductible interest can become blurred, potentially putting tax deductions at risk.

The specialists at Australia Pacific Mortgages are equipped to  a compliant money flow strategy for your personal situation. .