Home Loan Reduction

Property investment doesn’t have to mean less money to pay off your home loan. Sound, carefully planned finance ensures you maintain,  and often fast-track,  the repayment of your home loan.

There are many ways that Australia Pacific Mortgages can help you eliminate your home loan faster, including:

Home Loan Structuring

By combining the right loan products with a ‘payday’ tax refund you can eliminate your home loan more quickly than many believe possible.

Australia Pacific Mortgages can assist you to implement this debt reduction strategy which, when correctly applied, is swift and effective.

Investment Debt Structuring

The way your investment debt is structured and how your day-to-day transactions are arranged is key to optimising your investment returns.

A combination of well-structured finance and well-planned money flow can minimise tax, maximise cash flow.

Setting up a compliant investment finance structure can be daunting, but Australia Pacific Mortgages can provide the strategy and advice to make it simple. 

Tax Variation Notice

By lodging a ‘1515’ tax variation notice, you can bring your tax refund forward to occur each payday.

Australia Pacific Mortgages has the expertise, and will help you determine the value of this little-known tax benefit.