Enhance Cash Flow

Too often, investors struggle with poor cash flow, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Poor cash flow is often the result of poor finance structure, inappropriate loan products and ill-considered ‘money flow’ strategies.

Here are three recommendation to help you improve your cash flow:

The Right Loan Product

Many cheap loans require capital repayments, which can increase your loan repayment commitments by up to 25%. This substantially impacts your cash flow and in turn, your lifestyle.

With the right approach, this can be easily avoided.

With many years of experience in securing loan products, the team at Australia Pacific Mortgages is well positioned to arrange the right loan for your specific needs.

Structure loans to Cover Shortfall

While most blue chip properties will be negatively geared, the shortfall doesn’t need to come out of your own pocket.

After extensive research and development, Australia Pacific Mortgages has engineered a unique finance structure which includes an ‘expense’ account to neutralise your cash flow.

Avoid High Interest Rates

Too many property investors are paying higher interest rates than they actually need to.

As part of our review process, Australia Pacific Mortgages will ensure you have the right loan product at the lowest possible interest rate.