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Melbourne Property Outlook 2015 Event.


Registrations Now Open:

 property outlook

Melbourne’s Premier Property Information Event for 2015

An informative event for property investors seeking to capitalise on the opportunities presented in today’s dynamic market


Benefit from the market's current opportunities by ensuring your strategy, structures and property appeal matches the 'new order'. We'll show you how during this intensive 90-minute event.

 Buying the right property with the right structures for the right rental demographic not only ensures your property will pay the biggest possible dividends, it substantially minimises risk.

Competition for premium properties is increasing with each passing week. Recent weeks have seen clearance rates approach 80%... and beyond. What is driving this extraordinary activity? Is it just record low interest rates or are there other forces at work?

The question on every investor’s lips is, “Will the strong demand continue, or is the market due for a correction?”

Combining over 70 years’ experience in direct property investment, three leading industry experts come together to answer these and other pertinent questions in one special event:


  1. Channel Nine’s ‘The Block’ judge and sworn valuer, Greville Pabst
  2. Australia’s leading financial architect, Andrew Gardner
  3. Little Real Estate property management specialist, Leah Sharp


Facilitated by one of Australia’s most accomplished MC’s, Charles Kovess, this straight talking investment briefing will give you the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what it takes to safely and profitably exploit every opportunity today’s market presents.

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 Looking forward to seeing you at this event.


Andrew Gardner.