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When was the last time you got a financial health check?

Are you getting all tax deductions you are entitled to?

A recent review with our Financial Architect revealed;

  1. A $500,000 investment loan had been missed by the client's accountant and not claimed over the past two successive years
  2. A loan had been inadvertently over drawn and attracting the default interest of 17.94% ( yes, the default rate can be that high! )
  3. Depreciation was not being claimed because the schedule had not be provided to the accountant
  4. A client had an older 'Style' and paying 0.75% more than market best rates
  5. A poor finance structure that not only adversely affect the client's cash flow and tax benefits but put their home at excessive risk

In each case we were able to increase our client's cash flow and tax refunded substantially.

What benefits can achieve with a review of your finance and portfolio?

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