Developing Your Investment Blueprint

At Australia Pacific Mortgages we specialise in taking proven finance and investment strategies and tailoring them to meet specific client needs.

In conjunction with our property specialist alliance partners we use proven finance and investment strategies to create a personalised investment blueprint to assist our clients to achieve their investment goals.

Three steps to creating your investment blueprint

Understand You

Before we consider investments & finance, we take a moment to learn about you, your personality, life situation and goals. Next, we review your current financial situation: 

  • Your Cashflow Position – Understanding what you earn and spend sets the platform for the type of investments you can acquire and service
  • Your Assets & Debts – What assets you hold (both investment and personal)? What debts do you service?

By taking a fresh perspective we regularly help clients (even experienced investors) discover easy to implement strategies to reduce risk, improve cash flow or maximise tax benefits.

Analyse Your Current Portfolio

A detailed analysis of your current property portfolio to including:

  • Property Selection – optimised for your objectives of growth and or cash flow?
  • Structure & Ownership – Who owns each property? Are trusts or other ownership structures enabling you to maximise returns and reduce risk?
  • Loans – is your current mix of lenders & loan types right? Are they delivering the highest cash flow? Are rates competitive? Are you protected from the ‘domino’ effect of a problem with one property risking the loss of your home or other investments?
  • Yield, Growth & Cash flow – how has each property in your portfolio performed since purchase? Are your rents set correctly or can they be increased? Is your portfolio balanced or is one property dragging you down? How much equity have you built?

Are you on track to achieve your goals in time?

Make A Plan Tailored To You

Based on your situation, we work with you to map out a plan to build wealth. It’s a proven path to both:

A Better Now

In 80% of cases we’ll help you discover opportunities to make immediate improvements through:

  • Improved Cashflow – we have a number of strategies to improve your cash flow and make the journey to significant wealth enjoyable.
  • Less Risk – Simple but highly effective strategies to defend yourself against common investment risks
  • Higher Growth – Sometimes it becomes obvious that one element of your portfolio is dragging you down. Take action, make it right, move on.

And A Better Tomorrow

A personal investment road map based on timeless principles and conservative projections to see you reach your investment and lifestyle goals.

Contact Australia Pacific Mortgages and let’s get started