Property Acquisition Review

Even seasoned investors often find buying property an emotional process, so when it’s time to make your next purchase our panel of experts is only a phone call away with impartial advice.

Our goal is ensure you get:

The Perfect Property For You & Your Plan

Does this property suit you and your long-term plan? Are the basic drivers of high growth, stability and cash flow present? Has proper consideration been given to property condition, local amenities and the current rental market?

Let’s start by getting the basics right.

At The Right Price

Buying a below the market is our goal. Paying regular market pricing is acceptable, but paying to much, even for an otherwise perfect property can set you back years.

Whether you’re buying at auction or private sale, we’ll provide you with the support, tactics and information you need (even in a tense situation). You’ll know what to do to achieve the right outcome.

Comfortably Affordable

Let’s get the right loan type to ensure repayments are comfortable and you’ve still got a financial buffer for that rainy day.

The pain of financial stress can almost always be avoided with a little planning.

And Protected From Day One

One of the most common mistakes investors make is buying in the wrong name or entity. Our panel of experts will ensure you know the right vehicle for each purchase – providing the protection you need and often reducing your tax by thousands.

Ready to buy? Let’s talk it through.