Personal Mentoring & Support

As an exclusive benefit of being part of our ongoing Mentoring Program, you can relax knowing you're never alone in your investment journey. We’ll check in regularly and you’re welcome to call any time for one-on-one property investment coaching from your Financial Architect, Andrew Gardner (himself a property multi millionaire) and his hand picked expert team.

Whatever the challenge, if it affects you and your journey as a successful property investor, we’re here to help.

Common ways we help:

Identifying Your Next Investment

Time to take the next step? There’s lots of options so let’s make sure your next investment is  effective and right for you. We’ll check your current portfolio, review your plan and consider your current situation. Knowing this, we’ll work with you to build a profile of your perfect property in terms of property type, location, price, expected rent and more.

Far from being restrictive, this process takes the guesswork out of identifying a great property and makes it easy to quickly shortlist those investments perfectly suited to your wealth building plans.

Balancing Your Personal & Investment Finances

The cornerstone of all successful investors is living within your means, put simply, spending less than you earn. While we don’t promote extreme budgets and believe it’s important we find ways to ‘enjoy the journey’ as investors, we also know that for some, excessive spending is an easy trap to fall into.

The good news is, because we have a detailed plan for your wealth creation, we can quickly spot when things go off course. Indeed, we’ve learned for some in our group, the most valuable help we can provide is simply external accountability to keep you on track.

Practical Problem Solving & Advice (Even in Emergencies)

For most investors, when done right, property investment is a stable and predictable wealth creation process. However, as part of our mentoring programs, we’re there to help no matter what issue may arise.

Here are some of the topics commonly raised by members:

  • How to handle tenant problems
  • Advice on minor or major maintenance issues
  • Cash flow management
  • Tax minimisation
  • Structuring & Asset Protection
  • Creative problem solving for those in a ‘rut’ and needing help to take the next step

No matter what the problem, you can sleep well at night knowing you’re supported each step of the way.

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