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Monthly Training & Group Networking

We help investors of all stripes become savvy property professionals and accelerate their returns through focused monthly group training sessions. As a member of our Platinum Mentoring program, you’ll be part of a committed group of successful property investors and gain face to face access to industry specialists and leading property educators.

Specialist Knowledge

Each month you’ll hear from an industry specialist who’ll take you through a key area relating to successful property investment. Recent topics have included economic and property forecasts, strategies for cutting tax, how to locate & negotiate great deals, tactics for increasing rent and optimising capital growth, property selection tips & more.

Presenters are drawn from both our internal team and our hand picked panel of experts. Every presenter has either personally generated a high net worth through property investment or works day to day ‘in the trenches’ and is a recognised specialist in their field.

Insight Into Current Trends

Always popular with our members are our second group of educators who look at both the broad and local trends effecting real estate demand, values and yields.

These presenters include senior economists from our major banks, professional demographers (those who study social and geographic growth trends) as well as active property valuers observing price trends first hand across the market.

Our goal is to equip you with the insights to confidently select investment locations primed for above market performance.

Inspiration & Motivation

We also occasionally make use of inspirational presenters or specialists in personal performance.

We make a no-hype promise but also understand that sometimes you already know enough and what you really need is encouragement or a gentle push to take the next step.

A Likeminded Friendship Group

Often better than any speaker is what you’ll learn from others in the group. Whether it’s the phone number for a local tradesperson who’s perfect for your job or the encouragement of seeing how other “normal” people have become multi millionaires, you’ll have the opportunity to share, learn, and form long term friendships with others who share your passion.

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