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Guest Speaker: Economic Outlook – Jeff Oughton


After the surprise election of Donald Trump a year ago, the world braced with for the economic fallout. Like so much about the Trump Presidency, the fallout is far from was expected.

Our first speaker for 2018, Senior Economist and university economic lecturer, Platinum favourite, Jeff Oughton returns to bring us the experts view of how this event coupled with local events has impacted on Australia and us on property investors.

Jeff's insights include:

1.How the Trump 'Factor" fallout caught analysts by surprise

2. The state of the global and regional economies and how they are effecting our local economy

3.A comprehensive update on the Australian economy and how is expected to fare in 2018

4.Where interest rates are now and the factors that will influence where they move in the year ahead

5. Whether the economic factors are ripe to lock down rates right now

6.The impact the expected rates movements are predicted to have on property prices this year

Knowing how the ripple effect of the world economic events impacts on interest rates and our investment properties is key to making more informed and decisive investment decisions.

February Platinum webinar recording