Strong Clearance Rates over the AFL grand final weekend!

Auction results are an essential source of information when researching your next investment… Just over the weekend  there were 133 Total Scheduled Auctions, with an overall 89.01% Clearance rates Source: Contact us if you are thinking to invest in … Continued

Is The Property Market Finally Shifting?

Auction Clearance Rates 14th August There were 751 auctions in Melbourne, with 547 selling and 204 being passed in, 109 of those on a vendor bid. In addition to the auctions, there were also 288 private sales. The result was … Continued

Is that a ‘bubble?’

This week’s market report covers three key topics: the market wrap, “Is that a bubble” and the World Wealth report on who is a Millionaire and how they accomplished the coveted milestone.   Market Wrap The Melbourne market built on … Continued

Buying Investment Property – Top 10 Criteria

Top 10 Criteria for Buying a High Performance Investment Property Buying a high performance investment property requires very different skills to buying a home. Devoid of emotion, professional property investors’ selection criteria are focused entirely on returns for which they adopt a … Continued

Two Speed Economy & Auction Strategies

It’s official, just as we have a two-speed economy (mining and non-mining sectors) we have a two-speed property market (premium blue chip & sub premium properties). While clearance rates across Melbourne remained stuck at just 61% last weekend, the clearance … Continued

Ten Tax Tips

TIP 1: A deduction rarely claimed Amazingly the most frequently overlooked tax deduction is interest!  Many advisors tell their clients to pay their rent directly into their home loan to eliminate it more quickly. However, the required loan structures and … Continued

The car or the property?

Gripped by Fear It was the winter of 1998, I remember it like it was yesterday, I’d just added another two terrific properties to my investment portfolio. My mate “Billy”, not his real name, was aghast, he said he just wouldn’t … Continued