Three questions to ask before you refinance

The home loan market is constantly changing, with new and attractive deals coming up all the time. Refinancing can help you secure a more competitive interest rate, access the equity in your home, add features (such as an offset account) … Continued

CBA introduces new IO process for brokers

The nation’s biggest bank has launched an interest-only simulator to help brokers show customers the differences between IO and P&I repayments. In a note to brokers and aggregators this week, CBA explained that a new compulsory Customer Acknowledgement form will … Continued

Why is Finance is constantly at flux ?

Finance – State of Flux What is going on with finance? It seems there is a story in the media everyday with another bank tightening lending policy. Rate increases It all started about 18 months ago when APRA, the banking … Continued

Is that a ‘bubble?’

This week’s market report covers three key topics: the market wrap, “Is that a bubble” and the World Wealth report on who is a Millionaire and how they accomplished the coveted milestone.   Market Wrap The Melbourne market built on … Continued

From $35,000 to 10 cents in two seconds!

A man watched in horror as $35,000 in his savings account vanished before his eyes… and it could happen to anyone. It was late Friday afternoon in November last year, my now client, let’s call him “Peter Jones”, was sitting … Continued

Is A Fixed Interest Rate Right For Me?

For the first time in 13 years I’ve just fixed one of my own loans. There was a window of opportunity in late 2008 when I scrambled to advise my Platinum Members when rates dropped very briefly to 4.99%. Those … Continued

Ten Tax Tips

TIP 1: A deduction rarely claimed Amazingly the most frequently overlooked tax deduction is interest!  Many advisors tell their clients to pay their rent directly into their home loan to eliminate it more quickly. However, the required loan structures and … Continued