Representing an ideal blend of experience and expertise across a wide variety of fields, the professionals at Australia Pacific Mortgages™ possess the knowledge and passion to exceed the expectations of even the most highly sophisticated investors.

Arranging well-structured finance for your investment property is vastly different to financing your home. Careful attention must be paid to tax, cash flow, money flow and asset protection.

Professional property investors don’t simply contact their local bank to request a loan for their next purchase. Instead, they seek the counsel of an adviser to ensure that their finance can be designed, implemented and maintained according to their specific needs.

Meet the specialist team at Australia Pacific Mortgages ready to assist you…

If it wasn't for this service I could have lost tens of thousands of dollars. Andrew has been providing us with the most comprehensive advice and support in all areas of property investment, finance, structuring and asset protection since 2007

Debra Cooper

A good session tonight Andrew, you manage to line up some really interesting speakers.

Greville Pabst

Working with Australia Pacific Mortgages to set up a new finance structure was a little daunting as I thought what I had was simple. But then I discovered it didn’t protect my home. Andrew’s structure seemed complex but having had it confirmed by my accountant I soon realised that it was not as complex as I first thought. Having separate loans for my investment properties not only made my tax deductions obvious it improved my cashflow and reduced my home loan faster. It works for me and my accountant.

Mike Willett